Opt For Optimism

The Mission

Optimism is a force to be reckoned with. It’s the self-fulfilling spark that turns challenges into opportunities and the impossible into the inevitable. It can get a family back on its feet and send a man to the moon. But these days, optimism is under attack and pessimism seems intent on taking over. Yet we believe a change in perspective changes everything.

Research shows that choosing optimism can be a catalyst to better physical, emotional and even financial health. So, with 150 years of practical experience helping people succeed at our backs, we are leaning into that choice like never before in order to make people’s lives better. And while we don’t know exactly where this leads, we know that together the possibilities are endless.

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Our Tactics for Optimism

Fostering Generosity

Generosity is perhaps the ultimate win-win scenario for creating optimism. The recipients of generosity feel empowered, less alone and less isolated. And as the giver, you reap positive emotional benefits that beg you to do it again.

Building Community

Studies show that despite being more connected than ever, people feel more isolated than ever. Community and the personal connections that come from it are integral to growing optimism.

Changing Perspectives

Our efforts will be steered by research, partnerships, innovations and insights. And we want to share all of that with you in open, honest and inspired ways to further shift what we’re capable of doing together.

The Science of Optimism
The Enemies of Optimism