Here’s How It Works

  1. Check your inbox and take a few minutes each day to do your challenge—anytime, anywhere.
  2. If you can’t do the challenge, perform some other small, positive act.
  3. Stick with it. We’ll report back on how daily behavior makes a difference. Take our pre-challenge survey before you start.
270,000 acts of optimism have been pledged

The Power of Optimism

When people feel optimistic, they’re more likely to experience better physical, emotional and even financial well-being. Best of all, choosing optimism is not only personally transformative but also highly contagious. So, we hope you’ll join us in opting for optimism to make the world a better place.

We’re aiming to inspire optimism in three major ways:

Fostering Generosity

Fostering Generosity

Building Community

Building Community

Changing Perspectives

Changing Perspectives

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Connect With the Community

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Take note of your daily experiences

Writing about your challenges is a good way to get more from your experience. We created this journal to keep you on track.

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Why Frost?

For 150 years, we’ve built our bank on the belief that each and every customer is significant. And because of that belief, every single thing we do is aimed at making people’s lives better—from designing easy-to-use technology to inspiring optimism.

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